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By: Admin BinaryClues | August 05, 2019

Out of the many techniques at your disposal these are some of the easiest and most cost-effective ways to generate leads are:

#1. Direct Mailing: It is a very adaptable medium that grants you access to many different prospects at one time and make sure that they have gotten to the intended target.

#2. Telemarketing: It lets you pick out your prospects and deal with them on a personal level in a straight manner. It lets you pitch your offering and clear any misunderstanding created in the process. Furthermore, you can maintain healthy relationships with the customers over phone and get further referrals.

#3. Public Relations: PR, if conducted properly can give your brand an extensive coverage on radio, magazines, television, newspapers, e-...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | June 26, 2019

Email marketing is a highly considered and impactful marketing process that has the knack to secure the most ROI for your business on a steady basis. There are so many sound reasons for it being still touted as a highly potential lead generation method, other than being one of the oldest forms of internet marketing. Some principal reasons upholding the impact of email marketing in improving the quality of your business database is:

#1. It can attract a broader global audience, as you can quickly send messages to a large number of receivers at one click. Nothing much like social media, you can easily be in charge of your audience here and control only the important ones in the loop.

#2. As email quickly reaches the targeted audience, you can h...

By: Admin BinaryClues | May 28, 2019

Email marketing is a highly popular and effective marketing process that can achieve the highest ROI for your business on a consistent basis. There are so many causes of it being still talked of as a potential lead generation method, apart from being one of the oldest forms of internet marketing. Some important reasons advocating the effects of email marketing in improving your business database are:

#1. The return on investment is clearly high when you use email marketing for your brand marketing. According to the DMA, the ROI for email increased from an expected £30.03 for every £1 spent in 2016 to £32.28 in 2017.

#2. It has the ability to appeal to a larger global audience, as you can easily send messages to a huge number of receivers a...

By: Admin BinaryClues | April 29, 2019

There are quite a many email service providers on the internet but to pick the most convenient out of them is an uphill task and I can detail my experience which will help you learn about them and decide for yourself:

Sendinblue.com is a really good SMTP relay service providers than can be handy if you are looking for sending both transactional and marketing emails. It also includes email and SMS marketing services and provides an option to track the email campaign results and make necessary changes if you might.

Pepipost.com is a good email server for sending bulk emails and in a lesser time frame. It gives you two modes of delivery- SMTP relay and Web API to choose from. As it uses both SSL and TLS encryption, it provides a very secure e...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 05, 2018

There is no specific metric to measure the effectiveness of lead generators but from experience, I can tell you that some of them do stand out when it comes to consistent production of good results. They have been tried and tested by professional marketers like me and are the crème de la crème of the database marketing world.

Binaryclues.com: For the last few years, this has been my secret to generating extra leads. It’s not only the most reliable but also very cost effective and affordable. The best feature of their services is free exchange of bad data, in case you happen to find any, which has not yet happened to me. They have an extremely broad and strong reach in the market, covering almost all the industry verticals. You can make enqu...

By: Admin BinaryClues | September 13, 2018

There are many email service providers who are well-known for providing high quality email services and as a professional marketer with 15 years of experience, I can list down the top ones for you, which have helped me save my bacon for almost my entire marketing career.

# BinaryClues.com is a fast advancing server which has helped me execute my marketing campaigns very effectively and has done it more efficiently than the others and more importantly it has helped me save cost. Its powerful database of the top-notch decision makers across all verticals of business makes it a potent force in the market of lead generation.

# SendGrid is another service provider which promises an authentic domain, compliance and deliverability coaching, and ...

By: Admin BinaryClues | December 20, 2016

If you a have valid email opt in list then you can use easy sendy pro or binaryclues bulk emailing software which helps you send min. 100k emails a day.

Just make sure the email I'd you have are correct otherwise you domain might get blacklisted. I will share a competitive chart below which will help you take a faster decision.


If the information was helpful, please let me know your response. I will try to assist you to my level best as I have used both of them and both are very good tools for sending millions of emails.

They also have million of email address repository and if in case you want to use the database you can buy from binaryclues and use their email marketing platform for sending bulk emails. Try sending your que...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | December 15, 2016

You can try the options given below. The chart will help you make a conclusion which email marketing software company you want to choose.


All though they are numerous companies but you can try any of these above companies. I found this chart very interesting and BinaryClues and Easy Sendy Pro are the best ones in my opinion.


In your pay as you go model also you can decide how many min. email you want to send to your customers? As this will not help you save cost even buying a services for sending min. no. of emails like from Mailchimp would be costlier to you in comparison to buying a bulk package from BinaryClues.(See report)


Thus, I would recommend you to go for a Bulk email package as any how these are cheaper and will cost you in...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 23, 2016

Not sure which is the best email service provider in India as all of the ESPs claim to be the best among their community of competitors.

But the chart below helps me to understand which service provider has more value to provide to their customers in terms of following features:

  High Accuracy

  Easy to Use

  Cost Effective

As a bulk vendor or just a email service provider these ESPs have to make sure that they give best Return on Investment to their clients which is spend on these ESPs.

Hope the chart below can help my fellow readers to evaluate the best Email Service provider or would give them some idea on how to choose a provider from the big list of providers.


For any further information, please write or ...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 18, 2016

As a customer I have been wondering and thinking which company can give me the best results for my bulk email marketing needs and most of the companies fulfill my requirements of sending bulk emailing but a customers i have to also make sure that I have money while purchasing these software.

I did extensive research and found that few of the best companies have great bulk email marketing platform to fulfill the bulk emailing needs of the customers.


These software have been amazing to use but BinaryClues easy to use and navigate in the platform has been the best attractive feature. They not only provide the bulk emailing but also provide you a feature to build surveys in the same cost .

I believe it is the time to set not only look for bulk...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 17, 2016

There are numerous software in the world which talks about their best feature and services offering for their customers. Apparently, I have also used many software which range from big list of

  Mail Chimp


  Campaign Monitor

  Get response

These have been one of the best tools for the bulk email marketing needs. But company BinaryClues has also opened doors for new breed of customers to try their hands on BinaryClues software platform. They have developed a great technology which supports the small and medium businesses, startups to growing companies of mid market.

They have designed the platform and it is very easy to navigate by customers and which helps them run successful marketing campaigns. What you get from them:


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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 16, 2016

There have been several tools used by customers across globe for their bulk marketing needs and we can see a lot.

Companies from


  Easy Sendy Pro


But there is one player . I am an advocate of the above companies but I would recommend the new breed of customers should also to try to



They have been offering .

I would advocate companies to use these new start up product which will help them bring transformation in their industry. It is not about big names but it is about value and cost these small .

For more information on pricing, please visit the website at BinaryClues - Plan & Pricing on send your query at info@binaryclues.com

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 14, 2016

There is one company which doesn’t claim that they will give 90% accuracy or more or claim that they will refund you the money but BinaryClues - Home is one company which is helping business build the right campaigns and even if the delivery rate goes below they will replace you with the contacts free of cost and making sure your bounce rate of emails doesn’t go more than 5%.

They will also help you build the list of decision makers and influencers list and not every other third person who would be included in the contacts database list.

This is I call commitment and the best way to build the credibility with your customers. B’coz customers do not want 90% accuracy what they want is their campaign should produce the right number of leads f...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 12, 2016

It does not an issue how large your brand’s significance is, sometimes the biggest challenge is finding the most excellent method to inform it to the target viewers. Email marketing permits you to send the email message, using lively, eye-catching templates, directly to the inboxes of probable and existing clients.

While most of the email marketing platforms propose easy user-friendly tools and client service support teams, there are extra steps that can be taken to make sure that your email marketing campaign accomplishes its full strength.

Start building amazing email content and template design so they were recognised by your subscribers. Email subject line will also play a vital role in email deliverability and  non-promotional subject li...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 09, 2016

Out of the 100 million email marketing campaigns sent this year, Companies have to exclusive to select right email marketing agency  that has delivered results and affective lead generation process. Here are few things that we need to take care while building email campaigns:

·  Personalise your email with using the first name

·  Short and precise subject lines

·  8:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m is the key time to send your email

·  The best content is free content: Give something away

·  Mobile opens accounts for 47 percent of all email opens

·  Email still reigns over Facebook and Twitter

·  Do not send email on the weekends

·  Re-engage an inactive group of subscribers

Most of the well-liked email marketing software programs suggest free trials, bu...

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 01, 2016

You’re not going to like this answer. But wouldn’t it be so straightforward if I would tell you to do one or the other and get astral results? The fact is, a successful marketing campaign should include a bit of both strategies. For the short-term, a paid search campaign can give our business a quick boost, helping you gain exposure to customers searching for the relevant keywords in your campaign; however, sometimes consumers don’t trust—or even look at—paid ads. Using organic search methods, which consumers tend to see as trustworthy, will help drive traffic and increase revenue over the long haul, and solidify your position as a leader and authority in your niche.

Learning new marketing tricks isn’t difficult. Unlike teaching an old dog, ...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 29, 2016

Focus on your content: When you are running a blog always focus on the content you are writing. Writing what interests people, something they haven’t read or about something they haven’t experience before. More importantly, you should produce the content relevant to your niche. A good, informative and engaging piece of writings will compel them to come to your blog regularly and the business grows automatically.

Be Analytical & perform online tracking: Affiliate marketing programs that are run online give you an integrated view of how your campaign is running and performing. Click through rates and website/app visits can be measured allowing you to gauge the success of the program in real-time.

Site ranking: For online businesses, inbo...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 11, 2016

We all know that best B2B USA database vendors are data.com, zoom info, hoovers, discoverOrg but there is an emerging player ie. BinaryClues.com. These traditional vendors are good and provide best of the services but they are real expensive and companies like start-ups or growing companies cannot afford to buy such expensive database contact list.

BinaryClues different payment plans help such organization buy the database in bulk even after their premium pricing. Value Prospect is also an upcoming organization in fulfilling the customer needs for quite many years and is also an emerging player in India but BinaryClues stands out from the competition as they are not only providing the contacts details like email and direct phone no. but als...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 10, 2016

When you are looking for a B2B list vendors you have to make sure you find a vendor who is working on your parameter. There are many vendors who can do this, but very few follow the customer’s direction,

We at Binary Clues understand the customer needs and try to fulfill the requirement as per their demand and some of the tips we can share are as follows:

Data Protection Policy:

Data vendors should follow the data protection policy and data privacy policy and thus making the customers secure and tension free

Be Specific:

As a customer you need to specific and need to guide your vendor specifically about the data you are interested to buy from him. B’coz any wrong briefing can lead to bad quality data procurement from your vendor. The organizatio...

By: Admin BinaryClues | October 09, 2016

Many database vendors overpromise and over commit that ‘they would do this ‘or ‘they would do anything' for generating leads for their customers but even after all these pseudo promises, these vendors are not able to deliver any of the single promises they commit to their clients.

BinaryClues has been committing of only what they can do, they are the forerunner in providing the B2B database services to their clients

One of the customers even said that "I'm very happy with the BinaryClues services ,they have been able to give me the best of the decision maker's contact and helped me in generating the right leads from the database for my marketing campaigns. They not only provide contacts details but also provide the LinkedIn links for ...


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