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Account Based Marketing

Why Account Based marketing always works?

1) Strong alignment between sales and marketing

Because account-based marketing pros are focused on accounts instead of individual leads, they end up speaking the same language as their sales counterparts. And that leads to incredible alignment between sales and marketing.

According to Forrester Research, organizations with aligned sales and marketing teams see an average of 32% annual revenue growth, while less aligned companies see a 7% decline in growth.

With ABM, arguments over lead quantity and lead quality go away, and your sales and marketing teams become a single unit.

2) Effective, Efficient and optimized

It is worth repeating: Because ABM is so targeted with its marketing efforts, resource-waste is limited. As Joe Chernov said, “ABM aspires to be ‘zero-waste’ marketing.”

Remember, ABM is fishing with a spear, not a net. There’s considerably less “by-catch” as you’re only engaging with prospects that are likely to buy. Combine that narrow focus with an amazing customer experience (more on that below) and conversion rates start to climb.

3) Better customer experiences

Instead of going broad by blasting folks with content that appeals to a particular market or industry, with ABM you go deep — you research accounts and design campaigns specifically for them. Every touchpoint along the buyer’s journey is personalized.

At BinaryClues, we’re obsessed with being customer driven, so this aspect of ABM aligns perfectly with how we run things. Instead of doing what’s convenient for the company (re: automating everything and reusing the same content for all of your leads), with ABM the focus is on doing what’s most convenient for the contacts and decision-makers inside of your target accounts.

4) ROI

Nearly all B2B solution providers that measure account-based marketing (ABM) ROI find that ABM delivers higher ROI than other marketing initiatives.”

One of marketing’s biggest challenges has always been justifying budget. And while one ROI survey likely won’t be enough to convince decision-makers at your company that ABM is worth it, what will convince them is proving ROI within your own company by running a pilot program.

To get started, you’ll need to identify your target accounts and start developing personalized campaigns. Here are a few real-world examples you can use for inspiration.

The Future of Account-Based Marketing

At BinaryClues, we love the more personalized and targeted approach that ABM takes, but there’s this one inconsistency that we keep noticing:

Sales and marketing teams are spending all of this time and energy becoming aligned and developing these high-value ABM campaigns (which is awesome), but then they’re serving up the same-old, form-based experience once they’ve succeeded in getting folks to pay attention.

By doing this, marketers are essentially telling the contacts and decision-makers from their target accounts, “No, we don’t want to talk to you right now. Fill out this form and we’ll get back to you when we feel like it.”