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By: Admin BinaryClues | September 13, 2018

There are many email service providers who are well-known for providing high quality email services and as a professional marketer with 15 years of experience, I can list down the top ones for you, which have helped me save my bacon for almost my entire marketing career.

# BinaryClues.com is a fast advancing server which has helped me execute my marketing campaigns very effectively and has done it more efficiently than the others and more importantly it has helped me save cost. Its powerful database of the top-notch decision makers across all verticals of business makes it a potent force in the market of lead generation.

# SendGrid is another service provider which promises an authentic domain, compliance and deliverability coaching, and ...

By: Admin BinaryClues | December 19, 2016

If you a have valid email opt in list then you can use easy sendy pro or binaryclues bulk emailing software which helps you send min. 100k emails a day.


Just make sure the email I'd you have are correct otherwise you domain might get blacklisted. I will share a competitive chart below which will help you take a faster decision.

If the information was helpful, please let me know your response. I will try to assist you to my level best as I have used both of them and both are very good tools for sending millions of emails


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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 28, 2016

Well, there are many third party email vendors for fast growing startups and the chart below will help you analyze the best vendor and will help you take faster decision in closing the deal with your 3rd party email service provider.

The price of sending bulk email (50K emails) starts typically from $22 and goes upto $300 and both of the service providers give the same value with little bit of difference. I would recommend my fellow startups to invest less initially while setting your ecosystem as every penny saved is every penny earned.

Here the chart below for your reference


Hope that helps..

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 24, 2016

Not sure which is the best email service provider as all of the ESPs claim to be the best among their community of competitors.

But the chart below helps me to understand which service provider has more value to provide to their customers in terms of following features:

  High Accuracy

  Easy to Use

  Cost Effective

As a bulk vendor or just a email service provider these ESPs have to make sure that they give best Return on Investment to their clients which is spend on these ESPs.

Hope the chart below can help my fellow readers to evaluate the best Email Service provider or would give them some idea on how to choose a provider from the big list of providers.


For any further information, please write or leave a comment in the comment box

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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 22, 2016

Though there are numerous software tools and email marketing services provider who can help you send email not only in bulk but also with accuracy. as a customer you have to make sure after sending emails using any of the email marketing platform, your emails should get delivered into your customer inbox.

many companies claim high accuracy but very few of them are able to offer a good accuracy of delivery. You have to make sure you have a list of opt- in customers and then only to you can guarantee or expect the delivery of your email accurately in your customer or prospect inbox.

There are numerous software in the world which talks about their best feature and services offering for their customers. Apparently, I have also used many softwar...

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