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By: Admin BinaryClues | November 12, 2018

There is a huge number of emails every day, many concerning topics we are least bothered about, which arrive from the numerous email address list and marketing b2b database which have our supreme presence. But tell me how many do we even open? However, there are times when a very smartly worked out one-liner beholds our attention and we cannot resist but open that mail. The one liner in question is the subject line which is overlooked in many cases.

It can be easily understood that most email recipients of your email marketing database decide whether or not to open an email based on the subject line alone. A highly enticing subject line can force the receiver to open the mail and comprehend the content and maybe even subscribe. But it’s not necessary that all subject ideas fill the bill and so you need to have some real good creativity in you to figure that out. However there are some techniques that have helped me over the years. Have a look.

#1. Keep it short and simple: Email subject lines will lose their spark if they’re too long, particularly on mobile devices. Who wants to read a paragraph? No time dude. And with almost 50-70% of emails being opened on mobile first, it’s imperative to use subject lines with less than 50 characters to ensure that people going through your emails read the entire subject line.

#2. Personalize: It doesn’t mean incorporating a user’s name in the subject line, but techniques like location-specific offers and language, or interest targeting. Maybe something like this:

#3. Time the email: Target groups of people based on specific criteria and send the mail at a time where the chances of them opening their mailbox are the highest. You have to figure the time out as sending an email from your well-designed mail list at the right time with the right subject line can make a huge difference in open and click-through rate.

#4. Make the receiver feel special: Oh, how special do phrases like "For our beloved customers only" or "An exclusive offer for you" or "My gift to you" make us feel. Apply this design of phrasing and offer them a sense of belonging.

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